New Telephone System Improves Patient Care

Physicians and nurses can provider faster care to their patients through a new telecommunications system designed especially for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. In October 2011, Panasonic System Networks Company of America announced its partnership with communication applications company Poltys, Inc, to integrate Panasonic’s series of business telephone systems with the Poltys applications Direct Care Connect and Nurse Call. Instead of carrying pagers or using a wired telephone to call a patient’s room, healthcare providers can use Panasonic’s new cordless handset to receive real-time alarms and notifications as soon as patients require assistance.

When patients trigger an alert through the Nurse Call system, the caregiver receives a notification on his or her handset that displays the patient’s name or identification information, such as a room number and preset priority level. When an alert is received, caregivers have three response options: (1) acknowledge they have received the notification; (2) notify personnel next in line; or (3) talk directly to the patient.

“We are confident that Poltys Direct Care Connect integrated with Panasonic communication devices represents a powerful solution for the healthcare market, providing higher level of patient care outcomes, increased medical staff efficiency, and medical staff workflow optimization,” said Christian Lup, director of business development, Poltys, in a press release. To learn more about the system and to order, visit the company’s Website at